Saturday, January 18, 2020

Lindsay's 9th Birthday

Lindsay had a fun little birthday celebration!
She wanted a "sleepover" but we don't do sleepovers, so we did a "late night."
The girls came over for some dinner, "who knows the birthday girl best," would you rather, and watched the movie "Cloud 9."  After the movie, we took the girls home and Lindsay said it was the BEST birthday ever!  Little to her knowledge, it wasn't over yet!

The next morning I went and picked all the girls up at 7:00am (their moms were all so kind to let me steal them that early), and came to our house to wake up Lindsay!  She was SOOOO surprised!!  It was the BEST!!  We had breakfast, played big bootie, pie face, and had an epic karaoke session!  I was so happy with how it turned out and Lindsay used the word "AMAZING" about a dozen times! 

Friday, January 17, 2020

Lindsay's Doctor Appointment

Lindsay had an appointment with her nerosurgeon.  We were fairly confident that this could be her LAST appointment, and on our way to my sisters I thought Lindsay should probably write her doctor a thank you note.  I called me sister to see if she had a card we could have.  She said she had a bunch...thank you, plain, floral, etc and asked what it was for.  I told her it was for a thank you note for her neurosugeon.  She said that she had the PERFECT card for that!  This is what she gave us.....

Our doctor has always been pretty serious, so I debated on giving it to him, but when he saw it, he LAUGHED SO HARD!  He said that it was the PERFECT card and that Heather should start a card company!  All nerosurgeons need this card!  

Dr Kestle, wasn't quite ready to let us be done with appointments, but he did say we could go THREE years until her next appointment, and to get an eye exam before coming.  So yay for not going back until lindsay is TWELVE!

After her appointment we went and got some lunch.  Of course, Lindsay picked SUSHI!