Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Angel Moroni

Today my cousin, Brad, posted this picture on Instagram.
Within 2 minutes of seeing his post, we hustled up the hill to the Bountiful Temple!

(For those that don't know,  Bountiful Temple's Angel Moroni got struck by lightening a bit ago, and had quite a bit of damage.  We were scheduled to get a new statue at the end of the summer, but another temple had a statue that was the same size as ours--although it is slightly different in design--and we got their statue early).

We were up to the temple by 2:00, and we stayed there for about 4 hours watching.  The kids were pretty tired by the end, but I hope that they will remember this special day!

They gave Brad some of the gold piece from Moroni that fell off--here he is showing it to Lindsay and Andrew!

Moroni-less temple.


Anonymous said...

This is an awesome post Haley! Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful photos. I'm sad that I could not be there, but I am so very happy that our temple has such a beautiful new Moroni so soon.

Ioana said...

Way too cool!!! Weird seeing the temple without Moroni! Glad his replacement is up! :)