Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Not on a SUNDAE

For Family Home Evening I told the kids that we were going to make ice-cream Sundaes.
Then I asked if they liked chicken, (yes) but would it be could on a sundae (no)?
Do you like pickles?  (yes),But would it be good on a Sundae? (no)
Do you like chocolate? (yes)  Would it be good on a Sundae? (yes)

We built our ice-cream Sunday and then I told them how there are a lot of good things we do during the week, but they aren’t good for Sundays (swimming, shopping, etc.) And we talked about keeping the Sabbath day Holy.

I thought the lesson went really well until the end of the lesson, Matt said, “Why can’t we eat chicken and pickles on Sunday?”  ha ha  Apparently he’s never had a SunDAE before, and he thought I was talking about SunDAY the whole time!

Which kind of explains his confused face in this picture:

Also, funny side story...You'll notice one cherry is missing (from Lindsay's scoop).  
When I bought the cherries she said, "Ooo!  What are those?"  
I said, "Frog hearts!"  
She said, "Oh I LOVE frog hearts!"  
Then she started eating it happily.  
Just before she swallowed, I said, "I am teasing Lindsay, they're not frog hearts, they're cherries."
Then she spit out her cherry and said, "YUCK!  I don't like cherries!!"

I got the original idea for this lesson HERE 

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