Saturday, May 17, 2014

While the boys are away...the girls will PLAY!

Darin took Matthew to fathers and sons for the weekend.
Lindsay and I stayed home and had a girls night. 

We started with facials and pedicures.

Next, Lindsay did my hair and makeup!

We got all dolled up and ready for our TEA PARTY!!

We took it to the backyard and enjoyed tea (aka orange vitamin water) and pastries!


Katie Petersen said...

This is the cutest ever! How did you take all these pictures?

Haylee said...

Thanks katie! The 1st one is just a selfie, but the rest I did an automatic timer with a tripod.

Naazju said...

Adorable! I know you and Lindsay will treasure those pictures for a loooong time!

Dave and Mandi said...

So adorable Haylee!! What a fun mommy and daughter day. Also, completely unrelated, our wedding rings are identical.