Thursday, August 8, 2013

CAA Adventure Camp

This week Matt has been at "Adventure Camp" at Creative Arts Academy.
(Kind of similar to Lindsay's Princess Camp).
We debated about doing it this year, but I'm so glad we did! 
Matt LOVED it!!

Monday was "Secret Agent" Day.

They learned how to be "Spy Kids," they got to go through a laser course in the dark, and they got cool Nerf dart blowers to keep.

(I think Matt looks a little TOO tough in this picture).

Tuesday was Harry Potter Day.

His teacher really went all out!
The room looked really cool and was decorated with big banners of the different houses.
They got to do different spells to transform snakes, make explosions, and unlock doors.
They had Harry Potter snacks and ate dinosaur teeth and spiders webs.
They had a fun potion class with all kinds of cool beakers. 

Wednesday was "Superhero Day."

They made capes, swords, shields, and they slayed a dragon!

Thursday was Pirate Day

They learned how to talk like a pirate and how to sword fight.  They also went on an adventure to find pieces of a map, they put the map together, went on a treasure hunt, found the treasure chest, and shared treasure complete with gold coins!

I would have to say, it was a GREAT week!


weston'smommy said...

Where was this at that is beyond cute?

Haylee said...

It was at Creative Arts Academy on Main Street in Bountiful.