Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July Part One---Breakfast

We had our wonderful traditional breakfast at Aunt Charlene’s house.
She is so nice to host this, especially because our group is getting so big!
The breakfast is always delicious, and I just love any chance I get to be with my family!

The breakfast is unbelievably delicious.  
Really, probably my favorite meal of the year!!

Baked French toast.
Ham and Cheese Strata.
Breakfast Casserole.
Sticky Buns.
Sticky Buns with pecans.
Whole Wheat Pancakes.
Cinnamon Rolls.
Tons of Fruit.
Milk, Juice, and Chocolate milk.

Are you salivating yet?

Now do you understand why this is my favorite meal of the year!?

Ok, can I just tell you that I am in LOVE with Lindsay’s little patriotic outfit!?  Thanks SOOO much Sophie!!  We LOVE it!!

And thanks Bridget for showing me how to do the cute star in Lindsay's hair!

I LOVE being with this crew!

Aunt Charlene lives across the street from the temple.
The kids were skinny enough to fit through the fence.

 I had a lot of kind helpers to hold Andrew...


I wish I would have made a video of all the conversations we had.  
We were all laughing so so hard!!

Happy Independence Day!!


Dave and Mandi said...

Adorable!! What a busy, happy fourth! Love Lindsay's cute hair do. Haylee your family is beautiful (of course).

yay_for_redheads said...

Picture #2...the guy in red slightly resembles Steve Martin with that smile.

Darin and Liesel said...

You are the cutest!! I saw your post on your science projects! So cute!! How did you do your solar ovens? That looks so fun!

Haylee said...

Thanks liesel! The solar ovens are actually really easy to do. We just used donut boxes, lined the inside with foil, placed the pizza on top of the foil. Next, you take a piece of card stock, wrap it in foil, tape one side to the box and the other side to a straw. Last you prop the straw so the card stock is reflecting the sun into the box. Hope that made sense. :)

Haylee said...

Ha! Didn't I tell you Steve Martin is my uncle? Just kidding! You always leave the best comments! Love ya!!