Thursday, May 9, 2013

Quatro, Cinco, Seis De Mayo

Quatro de Mayo

I knew that we were going to my parents’ house for Sunday dinner, so I decided to do a few crafts with the kids the day before.
We painted serapes.

We made sombrero cookies.

We made mini pull piñatas (that were really easy, fun, and I thought they turned out really cute).

Cinco de Mayo

We went my parents’s for some yummy nacho casserole and Heather made some yummy lime cookies and lime ice-cream.  Andrew had fun with the family--especially Grandpa.

and Grandma painted Lindsay’s toes.

Seis de Mayo

We had my parents over for dinner.  

We had cheese enchiladas, chicken enchiladas, individual 7 layer bean dip, and virgin margaritas.

We put on some costumes

 pulled our piñatas and had FHE.

And I have to say this might be my favorite picture of Andrew so far.  It makes me laugh.

Hope you had a happy cinco de mayo!


Naazju said...

Love his little mustache!

How did you make the little pinatas?

Jen, Jenny, Jennifer said...

What are you doing hosting people at your house crazy lady?! You just had a baby! (Everything looks SUPER cute.. as usual) You're amazing!

Haylee said...

They're really easy. You cover the bottom of a toilet paper roll with tissue paper, cut an x in the tissue, then tape a piece of ribbon over it. Then you just add paper strips around the tp roll!

weston'smommy said...

You are amazing you just had a baby yet you made all that wow go you!

Emily said...

I LOVE the photo of your parents with the mustaches! You guys are so fun!