Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

2018 Chinese New Year

We invited our friends, the Mudrows, over for a little Chinese New Year Celebration!
We always love any chance we get to be with them!
Kellee made the most delicious mango pudding and brought the juiciest oranges I've ever had!
We ate dinner, learned about Chinese New Year, and played a game.
Lindsay and Kate had fun giving each other makeovers, and singing karaoke while we visited. 
Thanks Zak and Kellee for coming! 

2018 Winter Olympics

Lucy 7 Months

Friday, February 2, 2018

Matthew's 9th Science Birthday

Last week we celebrated Matt's 9th birthday with a science birthday playdate!
It was so much fun to plan, and even more fun to be there!

We started out by giving each of the kids a lab coat (my Grandpa's old white church shirts), glasses, and ID badges.  

I made this banner just on paint on my computer and printed it as an engineering print!
And all the cute beakers I borrowed from my SIL, Kristy.
My sister, Heather, pretty much did the whole cake!  Thanks you two!

The kids had to "scan their hand" to enter the "lab."  I love that these 9 year olds still enjoy imagination and pretend play!  

We had some after school scientific snacks.

Then we started the experiments.
We did the match with the egg and a match with food colored water.

We did ivory soap in the microwave.

We made "elephant toothpaste" and dry ice bubbles!  (SO MUCH FUN!!)

We filled balloons with baking soda and vinegar. 

We watched the reaction between skittles and water.

We made slime and lava lamps. 

And the grand finale was the coke with mentos!
(Always a hit!)

And we ended with birthday cake!
It was a fabulous day!

Happy 9th birthday Matt!  We love you!