Saturday, June 23, 2018

At the Ranch with Lindsay

My dear, darling friend, Lindsay is in town from Texas.  She invited me to spend the day with her, and we got to spend the morning visiting at her parents' beautiful home, lunch at the Polar King in Oakley, and the rest of the day at a GORGEOUS ranch in Peoa!  Honestly, all of the views were breathtaking!  We had fun canoeing, kayaking, riding in the side-by-side, and more!  My favorite parts were Peter avoiding any conversation with me by talking about the side-by-side, and listening to Lindsay nearly getting charged by a bull.  Ha!  She is the best!  I LOVE any chance I get to be with Lindsay, and it was fun to be with her darling kids Jack and Peter, and her darling parents Jeff and Sue too!  The only bad part is leaving and missing Lindsay until the next time I get to see her.   Thanks for the great day Lobster!!  

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Hodgkinson Family Funcation 2018-- The Movie

I made this little video of our family "funcation."  We really had such a great time!  Thanks so much mom and dad!!

Hodgkinson Family Funcation 2018-- Day 3

After our mishaps with the movie the previous day, we decided to start the last day by watching Incredibles 2 in SLC. We LOVED it!  I was laughing so hard that I am sure I missed a bunch of funny things that I'll have to go watch it again!  After the movie, we rushed to Trolley Square for lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory!  It was delicious!  Then, we went to the new Bountiful Park, took some pictures (with the tripod), and let the kids play at the park.  We went to mom and dads to watch "Nailed It" and then we got ready for our cooking competition.  We did an "Iron Chef" game where dad split the adults into two teams (girls vs. boys), gave us $20, and two secret ingredients (pepitas and fresh pineapple).  We had a little more than an hour to buy ingredients at the store go to our assigned house and prepare something for dinner.  It was fun seeing the boys as we rushed to get our ingredients (and Greg shoved me into the freezer section twice).  Our team made a delicious grilled pineapple with cinnamon icecream and cinnamon pepitas for a dessert and some chili pepita and bacon green bean side dish.  The boys made pineapple and pepita "flat bread" which we later discovered was pizza they picked up from corned 22 and just added candied pepitas and glazed pineapple!  Funny boys!  It was delicious though!  And we ate all of the foods with our dinner and the kids made "nailed it" emoji cakes that turned out cute.  We ended the night by having each of the in-laws share one reason that they were glad to be part of the Hodgkinson family.  It was very sweet and tender.  We had a wonderful time together and I cannot express how thankful that I am to be part of the Hodgkinson family!!