Monday, February 20, 2017

Beaver, Utah!

We drove a long way on Sunday, but we were too tired to make it all the way home, so we stopped in Beaver!  The kids LOVE any chance to stay in a hotel!

Monday morning, Darin took us to a cute little Cafe for breakfast! It was SOOOOO good!!  (I think they deep fried my french toast...I'm sure it was terrible for me, but it was SOOOOOO yummy!)

Sunday in Gilbert

Sunday morning, after going to Grandma's ward, we went for a quick visit to the Gilbert Temple.
It was my first time and it was beautiful!

Afterwards, we went to my cousin, Amy's house for a DELICIOUS lunch!

I kind of love this picture that my brother Rick took of is much more realistic!

Grandma's 90th Birthday Party!

We had a wonderful 90th Birthday Party for my Grandma Hodgkinson!
Everyone that planned it did such a great job!
We had a yummy dinner, dessert, a little program and more!

Lindsay had a great time with so many of her darling 2nd cousins!
Wish we got to be with them more!

Andrew quickly became best friends with my cousin, Todd.

My niece, Annie, took this picture of us!
When I got the camera back, I also had this picture of Matt!  haha!

Matt being a goof, standing right under the gutter where the water was dripping.

Sweeties Candy

My sister in law, Jadi, recommended that I take my kids to see Sweeties Candy!
It was a really cool store with nearly every candy you could think of!
So many childhood memories for multiple generations!

My mom offered to buy everyone any candy under $1.00
Rick was so funny and got really excited and said, "Circus Peanuts!!!  Those are my FAVORITE!  Oh, wait, it is $1.05, I guess I can't have it."  He is such a tease, but makes everything so fun!

At the end, I had the kids take a picture with my mom and their candy, and one of the workers offered to let us pose with two of their big lollipops.  We did, and then afterwards, he offered the kids "smaller versions" of the lollipops, but they were still HUGE!  They were so so nice to us!

It was a great day!

This last part, might be my favorite.  I bought Andrew a WarHead and took a video of him eating it---it was SOOOO funny!  When we came back and showed my dad, he said, "They're not REALLY that sour are they?"  We gave him one too, and this was his face.....

Fun at Great Grandma Hodgkinson's

Our first stop in Mesa was to Grandma's pool!
The kids had fun swimming, picking fruit, and playing pickle ball in Grandma's backyard!
We are so excited with all the yummy fruit we got to bring home!!

Thanks grandma!!

Dallin was so cute with the kids doing Math problems underwater!

Everyone loves Aunt Sue!!

I have VERY similar pictures playing with my cousins on this court when I was their age!

Horseshoe Bend

Darin and I had discussed going to Arizona for my Grandma's 90th birthday and to help his brother move.  For MONTHS we have been going back and forth--yes and no.  A week before we finally decided a final no....until the morning of and we last minute decided yes!

I am so glad we did because we had a GREAT weekend!!  

We left Thursday and drove until Page, AZ and spent the night.
The next morning we hiked Horseshoe Bend.
The kids did it a few years ago but didn't remember it.
It was the perfect start to the morning to stretch our legs before the last bit of driving.