Monday, January 30, 2017

CAA Picture Day

Last week Lindsay had picture day, and I could help but snap a couple pictures myself.  
I sure do love this little tiny dancer!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Darin's 35th Birthday

I feel like Darin often gets the short end of the stick for his birthday.
With Matt and Lindsay sharing a birthday week, I am often burned out by the time it gets to Darin.

But, this year, I think was a real winner!

I told Darin I had a surprise for his birthday.

Friday night, I told him I got tickets to the opera to see Man of Le Mancha at Capitol Theater!
(I actually really do love that opera, and I think Darin liked it too, but it wasn't the REAL surprise).

Saturday morning, Darin's brothers surprised Darin at our house, bagged it head, duct taped his hands, and threw him in the trunk of the car.  Then, they took him to Top Golf for a couple of games!

He was SOOOO surprised!!!  And it was extra fun because I got 5 of the brothers together and his dad,  (all but Tom, but he has a good excuse since he lives in Taiwan).

I didn't get a ton of pictures....which truthfully is an extra present to Darin!

Happy 35th Darin!  I love you!!

Matt's 8th Lego Birthday

Today Matt had a Lego birthday party!

We had a little "after school snack" of pizza and rainbow jello.
We played "Guess How Many Legos."
We played "Lego Toss"
We played "Lego-buildinary" (like pictionary but with legos instead of drawing).
They built their own racecars (that they got to keep) and then we raced them.
Last we had cupcakes.

It was a WONDERFUL day!!

And a big shout-out to my awesome sister, Heather for surprising us with cute lego candles and helping me with the cake.  And a big shout-out to my mom for bailing me out with the jello I needed so I didn't have to go to the store!  And last, a big shout out to my SIL, Jadi, for letting my copy her whole party she did for her son, Kaden a few years ago!  

It's a.......GIRL!!!!!!!!

This gender reveal was unlike any other....

With Matt, I hoped it was a boy, I thought it was a boy, and he was a boy!
With Lindsay, I hoped it was a girl, I thought it was a girl, and she was a girl! 
(After 1st being told she was a boy)
With Andrew, I hoped it was a boy, I thought it was a boy, and he was a boy!

With this one, I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted a girl, but I really thought it was a boy.
I spent about a month preparing myself for a boy, and I was ready to hear "boy."

When the doctor did the ultra-sound he said, "Are you hoping for a girl or a boy?"
I said, "Girl."
Then he said, "Sorry to make this anticlimactic,'s a GIRL!!!"

In that tiny pause, I was surprised by my disappointment of having a boy because I really thought I was ok with either.  But, when he said it was a girl, I was shocked by how ecstatic I was!  

The kids were all really excited!  Lindsay has been wanting a boy the whole time, but a few days before she switched and wanted a girl, so they ALL got what they wanted!

Yay for baby girl!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Utes Gymnastics and the Matterhorn!

Darin built the BIGGEST Matterhorn yet!
It really is amazing!

Unfortunately, Matt took a tumble off the back of the Matterhorn, and got banged up.

In happier news, Lindsay and I got to go the Utes gymnastics meet!
We had a lot of fun!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy 6th birthday Lindsay!!

Today I did a little "birthday play-date" for Lindsay and a couple of her friends.
We had a little tea party and played some tea games.
We played pin the lid on the tea pot, musical doilies, tea memory game, pass the ring on the string, and more!  It was a great day!!

Can't believe this lady is SIX!!!

Happy Birthday Lindsay Lady!!

Monday, January 16, 2017

#33 Go to a Fish Spa

Today I accomplished one of my 40 before 40 goals.

#33 Go to a Fish Spa

If I am being totally honest, I didn't think that this one would get accomplished. 
I did some research on fish spas years ago, and there was only one place in all the USA that did them.
Japan "supposedly" had a bunch of them, but I searched and searched for one so I could go while we were in Japan, and I couldn't find one ANYWHERE!!

Last week, I found out they have one in LAYTON, UTAH at the new aquarium!!

My sister-in-law kindly gifted us a free family membership for a year to the aquarium--so exciting!
I was going to do the pedicure alone, but since Lindsay's birthday is in two days, I decided to let her do it with me for her birthday!  I am so glad I did!  She was HILARIOUS!  SO SO FUNNY!!!  It really freaked her out in the beginning, but by the end she was loving it!

We also LOVED the aquarium!  We totally lucked out when we got there the line was HUGE!!  (Seriously, an hour wait just to get in).  But, about 10 seconds after we got in line a lady asked us if we were "members" and that members had a separate line to just basically walk right it!  So fabulous!

It was a perfect day!!