Monday, August 14, 2017

Back to School Feast 2017

Last night we had our annual "Back to School Feast." This year, Darin and I decided that our new theme for the school year should be "Did you think to pray?"  After our dinner, we gave the kids their new gifts.  Every year we give them a key chain for their backpack with the theme on it to help them remember.  But, this year, we also did a little picture frame with the theme.  I hung them on their bedroom walls next to the light-switch.  My mom did that for me when I was a kid, because the last thing you do before bed and in the morning before school, is turn off the light, and it's there to remind you for your morning and evening prayers.

We sang, "Did you think to pray" and then we talked about all the times we should pray, and what we should pray for.  We talked about praying when we are scared or nervous.  We talked about praying for other people and praying to know how we can help.  We talked about being more sincere in our prayers, and thinking before we pray, and then being still and listening afterwards.  I hope this will be a good year of growth as we pray together as a family and that each of my kids will be diligent in strengthening their own personal prayers.

Our new key chains.

See our new sign above?  And the cute little picture frames with the writing below?  My cousin, Chandler, made them for us!  We LOVE them!!  She is SOOO talented and has an etsy shop you should check out!  All of her stuff is darling!!  You can check it out HERE.


Ioana said...

You are SO, SO creative! I LOVE your ideas and this back to school one is just perfect! Your family is precious!

Bump and Erin said...

Perfect theme!