Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Afton Part 4 -- The Eclipse!!

Ok, these pictures cannot do justice to what an amazing experience it was.
Bountiful was supposed to get to 97% and when we got to 97% up there, I thought, "This is so cool!  We could have just stayed in Bountiful, and this would have been good enough."  That was until we hit 100% and I thought, "I AM SO GLAD WE CAME UP!!!"  When we were planning this trip, I just wanted to come up to be with family, and the eclipse was just an added bonus.  Now, if I would have known it would be like that, I would have made the trip 10 times over!  It really was unbelievable, and the highlight of the year!

Greg and Heather went out two days before and scouted out a few locations.  They found THE BEST spot!  We had an amazing view, and we missed the traffic both ways and had a 40 minute slow sections, but other than that, no problems with traffic AT ALL!  (And we heard some crazy traffic stories, so we felt so glad that we avoided that!)  This memory will be a forever treasure!!

We got up at 5:00 am to head out, and we got there plenty early!  It was a beautiful drive both ways!

I couldn't believe how COLD and DARK it got!  It was so fun to see the stars in the middle of the day!!

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