Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pioneer Days

I LOVE Pioneer days in Bountiful!
This year, I thought it was too hot for Lucy, so Darin "sacrificed" (he doesn't love parades) and stayed home with Lucy.  I love that the parade is only two blocks from our home so we can just walk and not deal with all of the traffic.

After the parade, we went up to Heather's to watch the fireworks.
Greg and Heather are so fun and such great hosts!
They bought TONS of candy and 2,000 glow sticks for the potato gun.
Such a wonderful night!!

This picture breaks my heart a little.
I can't believe Darin has won TWO of our children over to the Ute side!
I am going to have to work harder on Andrew and Lucy to bring them to the Cougar side!

Just a portion of the 2,000 glow-sticks!

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