Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day (Sunday)

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
After church we went to our grandparents' graves.
It was fun to tell the kids about their ancestors!  
What a WONDERFUL legacy they have on both sides of the family!

At the first cemetery, we saw an older lady walking back and forth across the lawn.  I decided to see if she needed some help.  She said that she was 89 and she found her husband's grave, and two of her kids, but she couldn't find her daughter.  We had her sit on a bench and set out to find it for her.  We found it, and visited with her for a while, and I think the kids really liked helping her.  She was a lovely lady.

I love the technology we have! It was so fun for Darin to pull up ancestry.com and show the kids pictures of the people we were visiting!  I really feel so thankful for those who have gone before us!  

After visiting the cemeteries, we came home and had some DELICIOUS shish kabobs!!

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