Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Boys Nautical Room

In order to make a new nursery for the baby, we needed to move the boys to the basement.
Since it was going to be a big move, we decided to give them a little update!
New paint, new carpet, and new bedding!
It feels SOOOOOO much better down there!! 
It isn't perfect, and there are still things I would like to add, but so far, I am THRILLED with the way it has turned out!  One of my favorite parts is our new "faux shiplap."

Here is one last picture of their old bedroom...

Here is their bedroom when it was still the office....

Saying goodbye to the green paint!

We gave the closet a full white wash too!! 
It is amazing what paint can do!

 The finished product!!  Yay!!

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