Monday, April 3, 2017

April Fools and General Conference

I LOVE April Fools Day!!

This year, I stuck a flyer in Matt and Lindsay's bags saying they had to go to school on Saturday to make up for a snow day.  We got them up about 6:45 and headed to the school, but I just had to make a quick stop before dropping them off.  (Matt was really worried that they were going to be late, and BEGGED Darin to drop him off first, and then take me afterwards.  My quick stop was at a restaurant.  I asked Matt what day yesterday was, he said, "March 31st."  I said, yes, what day comes next?  He said, "Saturday........April 1st?  WAIT!!  APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!??" It was the BEST reaction ever!  So funny!!  The kids were REALLY excited to go out to breakfast at Sunshine cafĂ© and it was a really fun morning!

Since April Fools Day fell on General Conference, I did my regular treats, but with a twist!  My oreos had toothpaste inside (they didn't even notice), for lunch I made "hamburgers" (cookies), I replaced the candy part of the sucker with broccoli, and switched chocolate eggs with grapes!  The kids were SOOO good during general conference.  The only talk they struggled through was President Uchtdorf's talk on not using fear as motivation-- (which caused me to put it into action almost immediately).

I LOVE this picture!!  The exact moment they realize it is April Fools Day!!

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