Thursday, April 20, 2017

Andrew's 4th "Izzy" Birthday

This year Andrew wanted an "Izzy" (my sister's dog) themed birthday!
He had several specific ideas of what he wanted.  
My biggest struggle was with the cake, because Andrew wanted an "Izzy" cake.
My sister, Heather, showed up, and made his whole cake, and bought the cute little dog to sit next to it.  She is the best!  Thanks Heather!

We played "I have a little dog, and he won't lick you," "Pin the tail on the puppy," and a "doggy walk" (like a cake walk, but they got to adopt a puppy instead).  We had lunch (hot DOGS) and ate them in doggy bowls.  It was a simple birthday, but it was a lot of fun!

Andrew also picked out these crazy ninja turtle cupcakes and the store.  It killed me a little to not make my own, that went with the theme, but that is what he wanted, so we did it.

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