Monday, February 20, 2017

Sweeties Candy

My sister in law, Jadi, recommended that I take my kids to see Sweeties Candy!
It was a really cool store with nearly every candy you could think of!
So many childhood memories for multiple generations!

My mom offered to buy everyone any candy under $1.00
Rick was so funny and got really excited and said, "Circus Peanuts!!!  Those are my FAVORITE!  Oh, wait, it is $1.05, I guess I can't have it."  He is such a tease, but makes everything so fun!

At the end, I had the kids take a picture with my mom and their candy, and one of the workers offered to let us pose with two of their big lollipops.  We did, and then afterwards, he offered the kids "smaller versions" of the lollipops, but they were still HUGE!  They were so so nice to us!

It was a great day!

This last part, might be my favorite.  I bought Andrew a WarHead and took a video of him eating it---it was SOOOO funny!  When we came back and showed my dad, he said, "They're not REALLY that sour are they?"  We gave him one too, and this was his face.....

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