Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Matthew's Baptism

We had a wonderful weekend with Matthew's special baptism.
I wish that I was better with words to express and describe all the details of the day.
Matthew was so excited and so ready to baptized.

My favorite part of the day was after Matthew's confirmation, the bishop had Matt come stand by him and look at all the people that were there.  As he told him to remember the wonderful support he had, I saw Matthew fight back tears.  I asked him about it later and he said, "I think I was really feeling the Holy Ghost, and I was so excited to get to have that feeling with me all the time."

Oh I LOVE this GOOD GOOD boy!!!

After the baptism we went to our house for a little potato bar lunch.
(And thanks everyone for your help!)
It was so great to be with so many family and friends.
Matt sure is a loved boy!

These sweet sister missionaries have been SOOO good to Matthew!!
We LOVE them!!!

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