Friday, January 27, 2017

Darin's 35th Birthday

I feel like Darin often gets the short end of the stick for his birthday.
With Matt and Lindsay sharing a birthday week, I am often burned out by the time it gets to Darin.

But, this year, I think was a real winner!

I told Darin I had a surprise for his birthday.

Friday night, I told him I got tickets to the opera to see Man of Le Mancha at Capitol Theater!
(I actually really do love that opera, and I think Darin liked it too, but it wasn't the REAL surprise).

Saturday morning, Darin's brothers surprised Darin at our house, bagged it head, duct taped his hands, and threw him in the trunk of the car.  Then, they took him to Top Golf for a couple of games!

He was SOOOO surprised!!!  And it was extra fun because I got 5 of the brothers together and his dad,  (all but Tom, but he has a good excuse since he lives in Taiwan).

I didn't get a ton of pictures....which truthfully is an extra present to Darin!

Happy 35th Darin!  I love you!!

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