Monday, October 31, 2016

Hodgkinson Halloween Party

My parents hosted another fun Halloween party!!  We started by drawing costume titles for each of the men, then getting them "dressed."  (Rick+cheese puff monster, Dad=Purple hairy monster, Ben=Chubby Bunny, Darin= Pretty Princess).   Then we ate some yummy dinner, and did more activities!  It was a great night! Thanks so much mom and dad!!

Donut Night!

We had our 7th annual donut night!
I made more donuts than I ever had---and it was WAY too many!! 
I made over 400 donuts --8 batches!!

I need to remember for next year to do 5 batches or 6 at the MOST! 
I still had more dough in the fridge I hadn't even rolled out yet!

It is a lot of work, but we always love getting an excuse to be with our neighbors, friends, and family!

These were just SOME of the leftovers!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

UEA Staycation!

We had a fun little "Stay-cation" over UEA break!
We had a free night at a hotel, so we surprised the kids with a sleepover at a hotel, a trip to Cornbelly's, and Boo at the Zoo lights!
It was a fun little getaway!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tigers and Pumpkins

Last week this little tiger fell asleep while waiting to get off of time out!

Also last week, my sister-in-law, Kristy, told us about a FREE pumpkin patch!  Ben and Kristy got a TON!!  Greg and Heather got a TON!  So we decided to go get some too!  When we got there, no one was there.  I called Ben and Kristy to make sure I was in the right place, and that it was ok.  No answer.  I called Heather to see if it was ok and she assured me it was.  I called my neighbor, Chris, to come help us, and she got really nervous and kept asking me if we were going to get arrested.  I told her no.  After picking 5 pumpkins someone called the cops on us and they came to check us out.  I told him we had permission, and he said it looked like everything was ok, but he had to respond to the call.  Then he asked us if we were good people, and my neighbor Chris said, "Well, I am, but SHE'S not!"  Pointing to me!   Then the police "interrogated" the kids and said we were ok to keep picking!  Now we've got a nice full porch!! 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Weekend with the Mudrows

This weekend, our cute friends, the Mudrows, invited us to their cabin!

They have the CUTEST family!! 

Zak and Darin work together, Kellee I am certain is the world's most kind, hardworking, generous person, and their kids are SOOO CUTE!!  Kate and Lindsay are the same age and Kate is so happy all of the time and kind just like her mother!  (Someone lost their dog while we were on a hike, and Kate was SURE to show the flyer to EVERY person we saw on the hike--such a sweetheart!)  Mason and Andrew are the same age and he is so funny and determined!  I loved watching those two little boys interact!  He cracks me up!  Their youngest, Brodie, is the cutest baby boy you've ever seen!  I can't get over his chubby cheeks, load of hair, and wide mouth smile!  He is a happy baby!!

We started the weekend at High Mountain Drug (my 1st time going) for the BEST hamburger I have EVER had!  Soooo yummy!!!  We stayed up WAY later that we normally do having dance parties and just visiting!  We spent the rest of the time hiking, eating yummy food, drinking yummy Italian Sodas, LOTS of talking, and more!

It was a WONDERFUL weekend!  Thanks Zak and Kellee for the fun time!!