Sunday, July 31, 2016

Snowbird and Cabin

We spent the past weekend up in Snowbird and at the cabin!
I didn't take a bunch of pictures...but we had a great time!!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Grandma Bert's House

A couple of years ago my mom saw that her grandparents' old house was for sale.
She called the realtor and told them that she wasn't interested in buying the house, but if she could by any chance come a few minutes before a showing just to have a tour of the house for the memories.

The realtor was very kind and showed my mom, my sister, and aunt DeAnna, and me the house.  At the end of the tour my mom gave the realtor a letter with some of her memories of the house and a little of the history that he could pass along to the person that ended up buying the house.

A week later my mom got a phone call from one of her very best friends, Cathy Crittenden, saying that SHE received the letter because THEY were buying the house!  What a SMALL world!  Well, they have been working their HEADS off trying to update the house and this week they gave us a little tour!  It was UNBELIEVABLE!  They have made it so nice!  I love everything they did!  

At the end of the tour my mom's uncle Harold took my mom, sister, and me out to Little America for lunch!  It was a WONDERFUL day!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lemonade Stand

The kids wanted to make a lemonade stand. 
Matt built and painted it by himself.
We decided to make a video with it (at the bottom of the post).

Monday, July 25, 2016

Bountiful Parade and Fireworks!

The Bountiful Handcart Days Parade is my #1 favorite parade!
It was fun to see the floats and lots of friends!
I even helped on a float this year!  It seemed SO HUGE when I was working on it, but once it is up there it is so small!!  

During the parade, I told my kids not to pass a certain "white line" and they were VERY obedient. Other kids kept going FAR into the street, which limited the amount of candy the kids got.  But, they still made a pretty good haul.  The kids noticed a boy in a wheelchair that got even less candy than they did.  I suggested that they share some of their candy with the boy, but they decided to give them their whole combined bag.  I was really proud of them!

After the parade, I talked with the boy's mom for about 30 seconds.  When I turned around Lindsay was gone!  My heart sank!  I am not usually worrier by nature, but in that moment, my imagination went to the worst possible outcome, and I got really scared.  Luckily, the people sitting around me were VERY kind, and I showed them a picture of Lindsay from my camera (and the police), and within probably 2 minutes, she was found by an older lady.  I stayed totally calm the whole time we looked for her, but the the second we found her I burst into tears and gave the lady a big hug.  I will tell you, those 2 minutes felt like an hour!  It was awful.  Lindsay, however, was not scared at all.  She was just "walking to the car" (that was 3 blocks away). 

After the parade, (and after a while to calm myself down), we went to Heather's house for awesome fireworks, candy cannon, snow cones, cookies, and more!  

Minus the Lindsay fiasco, it was a wonderful day!

See those boots!?  I did the joint compounding on those!! ;) 

Andrew was super excited when he got his 1st piece of candy at the parade!

You'd think that I'd be really upset by having such a devout Ute fan, but grandpa Welling ingrained "BYU, where the girls are girls and the boys are too," a little too hard into me!   Ha!  And, truthfully, I think Matt is a Ute fan just because he wants to be like his dad-- and THAT is OK by me!)