Thursday, April 28, 2016

Andrew's 3rd Birthday!!

Our little Andrew turned THREE last week!
With planning for Japan, and then being gone until right before his birthday, I didn't do much prep work for this party.  I did the Happy Birthday sign the day before, but everything else I did the day of!  It was kind of a crazy thrown together party, but I was really happy with how it turned out!  (And thankful to copy others ideas online!)

He had two of his buddies come over for a birthday lunch and playdate.  The night of his birthday my family came over for hawaiian haystacks as a birthday/thank you for babysitting for two weeks party.  Some of Darin's side came and joined us for dessert.  It was a great night!

Happy birthday sweet Andrew!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Nabana No Sato Part 2

Alright! Last Japan Post!

  Part 2!  Possibly my favorite part of Japan!  The whole time we were in Japan (and even before when we were planning our trip), Darin kept teasing me that we needed to go to an Onsen (public bath usually in a hot spring).  I adamantly told him NO!

Well, as we were wandering Nabana No Sato, we found an ONSEN for FEET ONLY!  I was on board for that!  It is a natural hotspring and the water was straight out of the ground from the depth of 1000 meters. It felt SOOOO good!!  Darin thought that it was too hot.  I thought it was PERFECT!  I could go for some of that right now!

After the Onsen, we went to a BEAUTIFUL restaurant!  It had HUGE glass windows that looked out into the gardens.  I had a tuna sashimi bowl that looked BEAUTIFUL, mom had calamari, and Darin had eel and dobinmushi (I wished that I had ordered that—it was delicious!)

As it started getting dark, we headed to the tunnel of light.  It did not disappoint! I LOVED it!  They also had a light show.  This year’s show was Heidi.  That was really cute too! It was a WONDERFUL day filled with so many wonderful bonus surprises!

This was our last night in Japan!  
The PERFECT ending!!

Thanks again mom and dad for EVERYTHING!
We had a great time and look forward to seeing you in 7 months!!