Sunday, February 21, 2016

February Service

This was my FAVORITE month of service!!
We were done a lot earlier in the month, but the kids and I had so much fun!

#1- We gave roses to most of the widows in our neighborhood.
#2- We made and delivered cookies to family and friends
#3- We made and delivered valentine cards to our local Care Center
#4- We heart attacked our Bishop and Primary President

Friday, February 19, 2016

Valentine's Weekend

Darin took me on a fun Valentine's date on Saturday.
We went to Farmington Station and had dinner at Parkstone.
It was delicious!  But my favorite part was the love mix CD Darin had playing in the car.

Sunday was an extra good Valentine's day.
I called all of the widows in our ward and invited them to primary.
I had the kids sing to them then gave them each a rose.
The widows LOVED it and I think the kids loved it just as much!

One of the kids, after primary, said, "That made me feel good inside and made my heart happy."

We also gave some "flowers" to the primary presidency!

I made this candy bar bouquet for Darin that I thought turned out cute!

Here is our kitchen I decorated 4 days before Valentines day.
I LOVE how these envelopes turned out.
Matt was worried what would happen if we ever have another baby, and the baby wouldn't have an envelope, so we went back to the store to get more supplies to make an extra envelope.  (This is not an announcement).

I just had to add this handsome picture of Matt.
He is SOOO good about opening the doors for everyone!  Love this boy!!

Valentine's morning Andrew helped me make heart shaped pancakes. 

And we LOVED eating our Valentine's breakfast on our cute place-mats from Aunt Kristy!  
Thank you!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My 3 Favorite Kids!

I just love these three!!
We turned these three pictures into some cute valentines for family and friends.
(I'll try to remember to post those later).
But, for now, just enjoy these beautiful faces!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lindsay's Ballet Pictures

Lindsay had her class ballet pictures today.
Those girls look so cute in their "moonbeam" costumes!!

I love Lindsay and her little friends and we LOVE Creative Arts Academy!!

These are two of her good friends, there are several others in her class, but we didn't catch them all.

And, of course, we LOVE Erika!!

21. Take a Photography Class

I checked another item off my 40 before 40 list!

My sweet spouse, Darin, gave me a photography class for my birthday this year!!
I took the class with my friend, Kellee.

I have LOVED LOVED LOVED my camera, but I really haven't done anything other than auto.
I cannot believe how much I learned in this class, and I honestly can tell a big difference in my pictures already!  I still have a LOT more to learn and a LOT more to practice, but this is something I've become very interested in, and I'm so so so glad I took this class!!

Thanks Kellee for motivating me to jump in and do it!!
And thanks Darin for not only giving me this class, but watching the kids the past 4 weeks!
Here's to our next class together somewhere down the road (if I ever buy photoshop).

Monday, February 8, 2016

January Service

We were really excited to start our February Service, when we realized we did NO service in January.  So, we did a quick service day to get all 4 projects done in one day!

For our "January" service we:

#1- Hid a dollar in the dollar toy section with a note for someone to chose a free toy
#2 We asked our cashier what his favorite treat was, then bought it for him
#3 We taped some popcorn to the redbox with a note that said to enjoy some free popcorn
#4 We taped a note and $2 in quarters to the car wash


Snowshoeing at the Cabin

Darin and I took the kids for a day trip to our cabin.
We also took my cousin, Blake, and his girlfriend, Ashley.
By the end of the trip his girlfriend was his fiance!!

Here is a little video of the fun day!
(The end of the video shows the proposal...and spoiler alert...she says YES!)