Sunday, January 31, 2016

Darin's 35th Birthday!

A few weeks ago I asked Darin what kind of birthday he would like to have.  He said that he wanted a General Authority themed birthday with a President Uchtorf cake.  (I am SURE he said this, thinking I would NEVER follow through).  Well, when I realized that mutual fell on his birthday, and Darin was adamant about not missing mutual for his birthday, I talked to the YW and YM presidents to see if we could do a General Authority themed birthday for Darin.

They were both very kind, and jumped on board and let me plan the whole thing.  I planned several party games (that were actually, surprisingly, VERY fun).  Darin had NO CLUE!  It was a really fun surprise and I think both he and the youth enjoyed the night.

I sure LOVE this man!  So thankful for his goodness the past 35 years!

I had 7 games planned, but we only did 5 of them.
We split the YM and YM into two teams and they competed against each other.
The first game was GA Mad Gab (I wrote Mad Gabs for each of the 12)
Next, we had a contest to see who could most quickly put the 1st presidency and 12 in the correct order using plastic cups with their pictures on them.

Next, I had the names of the 12 and three facts about each one and they had to correctly match the facts to the right person.

Next, we played a game to see who could most quickly (and correctly) identify the GA by listening to an audio clip.  

The last game was "Who said it, Uchtdorf or Dumbledore."
(That is a really fun game too--you can find that one online).

Last we sang Happy Birthday to Darin and ate our President Uchtdorf cake!
(I felt weird cutting into it, and then I felt REALLY bad when Lindsay came over, saw me cutting and said, "NO!  Not his NECK!"

After mutual we came home and Darin opened his presents.

Happy 35th Darin!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Matt's DINO Party!

Matt had a fun Dino Birthday Party yesterday.  
He invited two friends from school and two from church.  
I picked Matt and his friends up from school in our decorated car.  

We started with some after school snacks (Matt's favorite bacon wrapped smokies, dino nuggets, and veggies). 
We played a few games (Where's your bone Dino, Feed the T-Rex, and Reverse Hot Lava).
I made each of the kids their own dino tail (they had to try to knock over cups using only their tails).  
Then, they ran around in the snow making "dino prints."  
We extracted dinosaurs from ice (I thought this was going to be a dumb activity, but they LOVED it).
We looked for dino bones in the sand (I made the bones with homemade playdough a week before).
They pieced the dino bones together to make a full dinosaur! 
We came inside and made a volcano then watched our volcano cake erupt (I put dry ice inside and it looked really cool!)  
Last, we watched the classic "Land Before Time" while we waited for parents to come.

Those kids laughed and laughed THE WHOLE TIME!  I honestly don't know what they were laughing about, but I kept getting the giggles listening to them.

And a big shout out to mom for watching my sick kids during the party!  Thanks mama!

Happy 7th Birthday Matt!!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Provo City Center Temple Open House

I took the kids to the Provo City Center Temple Open House last week!
(Thanks Heather for the tickets!!)
Unfortunately, Darin couldn't get off work, and we missed him a lot.

I spent several hours here when it was the tabernacle.  It is AMAZING to see the transformation.
There is a REALLY cool video you can watch about the temple HERE.

And, if you would like to go (and if you can, you should), click HERE for tickets.

Lindsay's BIRTHday

Lindsay had a fun birthday.  It started out with a decorated room I did while she was sleeping.
Lindsay: What!?  Why is this here?  Is it my BIRTHDAY!?
Me: Yes!  It is!  Happy Birthday!!
Lindsay:  Why did you put all of this here?
Me: Because I thought you'd like it.
Lindsay: You're RIGHT!  I LOVE it!  This is the most glorious day!  I can't believe I am the real five and not the pretend five anymore!  Ahhh!!!  I love this!  Where did you get this!?  I love it!

We brought her breakfast in bed (she LOVES that) complete with Aunt Sue's Happy Cakes!
Next, Lindsay wanted to go to a little arcade in Bountiful, but it was closed so we drove out to the Nicklecade.  (Darin said if ever you were to contract something, that is the place to do it--really hoping this was a one time event).

After the Nicklecade we went out for sushi.  She LOVED it all!  She even had her first taste of fish eggs.  When she tried it she said, "I'll try it!  Good! Kind of good."  ha ha!  Love her!

After sushi our waitress brought out some ice-cream filled mochi and everyone sang.  Even the sushi chefs put down their things and cheered for Lindsay.  She LOVED it!

Lindsay's face when she found out her sushi had fish eggs on it.  Ha ha!

I love that ALL of our kids enjoy sushi!  Including Andrew!

Love this picture of two of my loves enjoying sushi together!  

Monday, January 11, 2016

Lindsay's Tinkerbell "Playdate"

This year Lindsay wanted a Tinkerbell birthday.
She REALLY wanted her cousin, Eliza, to come, but Eliza was going to be gone on Lindsay's real birthday, so we did her "playdate" with Eliza a week early.

Originally, I was planning on doing this after Eliza got home, but when I realized that would put Lindsay's party back to back with Matt's, last minute we switched the day and planned a whole party in 4 days.  I felt really happy with how it turned out for how quickly we planned it (especially because I usually plan for a YEAR).

Here is the cake I made.  It was my first time doing fondant.  It's far from perfect, but I'm really happy with how it turned out!  I just wish I would have taken a picture RIGHT after I made it.  You can see the cake is starting to sag.

We had spinach wraps and PPJ sandwiches on pink bread I made and cut out like butterflies.

Here are our fruit fairy wands and "nectar."

I stole this idea from my sister...toadstools made from radishes.  I thought they turned out cute!

And cupcakes!

After lunch we played Tink BINGO.

And did a little Tink art project.

While the kids were watching Tinkerbell, we had a visitor show up.
(Here's Lindsay's face when she sees who it is).

TINKERBELL!!! (AKA one of Lindsay's babysitters, Rachel).

Tinkerbell stayed and played some games.

And gave each of the girls some "pixie dust."
(When Matt got home he told Lindsay it was just glitter.  She got SO mad and said that she PROMISED it was REAL and now she's sure she'll be able to fly now).

We ended with a little cake!

Happy Birthday sweet Lindsay!