Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Jim Gaffigan and CPK

This weekend my parents took our family to Jim Gaffigan and California Pizza Kitchen.

Dinner was delicious, the company was the best, and Jim was SOOO funny!
I lost my breath a couple of times from laughing so hard!  He cracks me up!

We joked with my brother-in-law that he should have charged people to take pictures with him, because we all think he looks so much like Jim Gaffigan!

Now simple things--even one word will set me off laughing from his show!
Some of my favorites:
Donuts, Geneology, Russions, Car seat warmers, Fish, Hot Pockets, Telathletes, Hiking, Snowballs at Santa, and so much more!  SOOOOO FUNNY!!!

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Ioana said...

You're so lucky you got to go!!! We love Jim Gaffigan too!