Friday, November 4, 2016

Family Costumes 2016 -- Monster's Inc

I am a HUGE lover of Halloween and dressing up! 

Let's be honest, all these costumes were pretty much finished by June! 

I made Andrew's costume with paper mache, a balloon, some paint, and tights for his arms and legs. 
We bought Darin's costume for $7 with a gift card online.
 Mine is just a dress from the DI and my mom sewed a little more on to make it long enough, she made my wig with purple fabric, stuffing, felt, and wire hangers. (Thanks mama!!)

Matt's is a hazmat suit we got online, and I just had him wear it backwards, then I put a box where the "hood" is, and I cut out holes for the kerr jar lids and some red Christmas ribbon I had.  I cut off the feet to make it shorter, and used the extra fabric to cover a box for the backpack.  I just used some black vinyl to do the "CDA" on the bag, and the "2319" on the front.

Lindsay's was the easiest, I got the shirt as a hand-me down, the leggings are from DI, and her hair ties are just pompoms glued on a bread tie! (Thanks for that idea, Heather).

Happy Halloween from Mike Wazowski, Sully, Celia, the CDA, and Boo!

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