Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tigers and Pumpkins

Last week this little tiger fell asleep while waiting to get off of time out!

Also last week, my sister-in-law, Kristy, told us about a FREE pumpkin patch!  Ben and Kristy got a TON!!  Greg and Heather got a TON!  So we decided to go get some too!  When we got there, no one was there.  I called Ben and Kristy to make sure I was in the right place, and that it was ok.  No answer.  I called Heather to see if it was ok and she assured me it was.  I called my neighbor, Chris, to come help us, and she got really nervous and kept asking me if we were going to get arrested.  I told her no.  After picking 5 pumpkins someone called the cops on us and they came to check us out.  I told him we had permission, and he said it looked like everything was ok, but he had to respond to the call.  Then he asked us if we were good people, and my neighbor Chris said, "Well, I am, but SHE'S not!"  Pointing to me!   Then the police "interrogated" the kids and said we were ok to keep picking!  Now we've got a nice full porch!! 

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