Sunday, October 2, 2016

General Conference

I sure do love General Conference Weekend!
I have kind of an unspoken rule, that I've never told my kids, that I really just want to make sure that they at least listen to the talks of the quorum of the 12 and 1st presidency, but they actually listened to EVERY talk (well, all but 3 when they all fell asleep).  They did SOO good and I loved the pictures they drew to represent each talk on our conference wall!  Love those kids!

Without question, I think that Elder Christofferson was their favorite talk, because I gave the kids a little candy each time they heard certain words.  They got an M&M every time they heard the word "Love" and....

Elder Christofferson said "LOVE" THIRTY NINE TIMES!!!

That meant they each got 39 m&ms that talk!  I had to refill the m&m container about 4 times!! 

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Kellee said...

Lindsay looks so old and like a super model in this picture! Love this idea for conference!