Saturday, October 8, 2016

Alpine Loop

Darin and I took the kids on the Alpine Loop today!
What a BEAUTIFUL drive! 

We stopped to get a few family pictures...a few were successful, and a LOT more weren't!  HA!
That crazy Andrew is pulling a funny face in nearly EVERY picture!

We stopped and had a little picnic of hot chocolate, donuts, and apple slices.
It was the PERFECT fall afternoon!

I used a tripod and ran between each photo and fell one time....I love everyone's face in this!
Darin keeps smiling for the picture, Andrew is clueless, Matt's looking for bugs, and Lindsay is wondering why I'm not picking her up for the photo!  Ha! 

I've got about 20 photos where it is a decent picture of everyone, but then Andrew is doing a crazy face like this: 

And these three cuties I can't get enough of!

Darin taught the kids how to make crowns out of the grass.


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