Thursday, September 8, 2016

Francis Frontier Days!

Monday we went to Francis Frontier Days!  One of my favorite days of the year!
We were with lots of the Gunnerson Family, and it was fun to have my mom and dad join us too!

This was the HIGHLIGHT of the whole weekend! 

Every year (for the past several years), Matt signs up for the Mutton Bustin and then always backs out at the last minute.  This year he did it and did AWESOME!!  It was SOOO MUCH FUN!!!  Our fearless Andrew did it too, but didn't do as awesome, and was a little less fearless in the end.  This year they both got medals and that was really fun!

Lindsay didn't want to do it, but she loved racing and getting to see the pretty queens.  Matt did REALLY good racing especially because he was the bottom of the age group this year (7-9 year olds) and Andrew was AWESOME and was the 1st one to the queen in his section!  All three kids won a pop and a goodie bag!

Here is the video of Matt and Andrew Mutton Bustin!
Andrew goes 1st (with Darin holding on tight), and I didn't realize that Matt was going right after, so I missed the very start of his.   Sorry for my annoying cheering and screaming for Matt.  I sometimes get a little excited!  Matt did so AWESOME!!

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