Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Olympics 2016

This past weekend we invited a few of our neighbors for a little Olympic competition!
We've done a few of these in the past, but this one was HANDS DOWN my favorite!
I don't think I have ever laughed so hard!  Maybe it gets funnier as we get older.

We started out by having each couple bring a dish to share that represented their country.
There were so many fun and tasty foods!  After we tasted everything we started with opening ceremonies then on to the games!  The events included: swimming, 100 meter dash, discus, high jump, canoeing, fencing, and synchronized swimming!  During the high jump it started to rain. By canoeing we were in a complete downpour!  We have the BEST friends that were SUCH GREAT sports!  Even with the rain they kept going!  (We couldn't get our laughter under control however!) But the rain cleared up by synchronized swimming!

Besides a hole in our fence, and a hole in Darin's head (both--totally worth it because it made us laugh SOOO hard), we stayed relatively safe!  It was a WONDERFUL NIGHT!! 

We tallied up the scores and I noticed I had 1st place, so I tried to quietly switch my "16" score to a "26."  Our neighbor, Jon, noticed and fixed the scores and wrote "We Best #1)---so don't think that was me!

Next we had the award ceremonies!


Thanks friends for being such great sports!
Can't wait for the next one in 4 years!

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Sorensen's said...

Ok, your hubby can JUMP! Seriously you have the cutest parties and ideas! And of course execution! Your energy amazes me!!