Thursday, August 18, 2016

BYC 2016

I think this is my 12th year going to the Proctor Back Yard Concert (BYC).
It really is my favorite night of the summer!

This year, poor Darin was SOOO SOOOO sick!!  But, he "forced" me to go to the concert because he knows how much I love it!  (Really, he was so nice to let me go, I felt bad leaving him, but I think I would have felt worse breaking a 12 year streak!)  I took Lindsay as my date and we had a great time!

As always, the music was great and the weather was perfect!
(Proctors must be living right---it seems perfect every year!)

Can't wait for the next one!!

Lindsay helped me make a big batch of rolls and homemade strawberry jam to share.

They invited the kids up to sing a song with Jeff.  Lindsay felt like a rockstar!!

She got excited when she saw the missionaries!

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