Saturday, July 30, 2016

Grandma Bert's House

A couple of years ago my mom saw that her grandparents' old house was for sale.
She called the realtor and told them that she wasn't interested in buying the house, but if she could by any chance come a few minutes before a showing just to have a tour of the house for the memories.

The realtor was very kind and showed my mom, my sister, and aunt DeAnna, and me the house.  At the end of the tour my mom gave the realtor a letter with some of her memories of the house and a little of the history that he could pass along to the person that ended up buying the house.

A week later my mom got a phone call from one of her very best friends, Cathy Crittenden, saying that SHE received the letter because THEY were buying the house!  What a SMALL world!  Well, they have been working their HEADS off trying to update the house and this week they gave us a little tour!  It was UNBELIEVABLE!  They have made it so nice!  I love everything they did!  

At the end of the tour my mom's uncle Harold took my mom, sister, and me out to Little America for lunch!  It was a WONDERFUL day!

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lori said...

So very very very happy to see this!!!!!! My sisters and I were talking about the house just a few weeks ago, remembering that it had been up for sale, but wondering if it had ever sold. It looks like the new owners are doing a beautiful job with the restoration! I'm so happy it fell into such good hands AND that you got to see it and give us all a sneak peek! :)