Monday, July 25, 2016

Bountiful Parade and Fireworks!

The Bountiful Handcart Days Parade is my #1 favorite parade!
It was fun to see the floats and lots of friends!
I even helped on a float this year!  It seemed SO HUGE when I was working on it, but once it is up there it is so small!!  

During the parade, I told my kids not to pass a certain "white line" and they were VERY obedient. Other kids kept going FAR into the street, which limited the amount of candy the kids got.  But, they still made a pretty good haul.  The kids noticed a boy in a wheelchair that got even less candy than they did.  I suggested that they share some of their candy with the boy, but they decided to give them their whole combined bag.  I was really proud of them!

After the parade, I talked with the boy's mom for about 30 seconds.  When I turned around Lindsay was gone!  My heart sank!  I am not usually worrier by nature, but in that moment, my imagination went to the worst possible outcome, and I got really scared.  Luckily, the people sitting around me were VERY kind, and I showed them a picture of Lindsay from my camera (and the police), and within probably 2 minutes, she was found by an older lady.  I stayed totally calm the whole time we looked for her, but the the second we found her I burst into tears and gave the lady a big hug.  I will tell you, those 2 minutes felt like an hour!  It was awful.  Lindsay, however, was not scared at all.  She was just "walking to the car" (that was 3 blocks away). 

After the parade, (and after a while to calm myself down), we went to Heather's house for awesome fireworks, candy cannon, snow cones, cookies, and more!  

Minus the Lindsay fiasco, it was a wonderful day!

See those boots!?  I did the joint compounding on those!! ;) 

Andrew was super excited when he got his 1st piece of candy at the parade!

You'd think that I'd be really upset by having such a devout Ute fan, but grandpa Welling ingrained "BYU, where the girls are girls and the boys are too," a little too hard into me!   Ha!  And, truthfully, I think Matt is a Ute fan just because he wants to be like his dad-- and THAT is OK by me!)

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