Saturday, July 9, 2016

4th of July!

We had a fun filled 4th!   It was really busy and really fun!
We had our annual family breakfast, at Uncle Craig and Aunt Charlene's!  It was so yummy--and they are so kind to host every year!  Afterwards, we went to the BFG, did some swimming, shot off Ben's rockets, went out for sushi (because nothing says happy birthday USA like sushi), and watched fireworks!

The end of the 4th was definitely exciting!  Our whole family was completely asleep when I heard pounding on our door.  Darin didn't wake up at all, so I was wondering if I was just dreaming it.  When I went to the front door, I noticed that our front light (that is a sensor) was on.  I went to our bedroom to ask Darin if he heard anything.  When I got there, I heard 3 of our neighbors yelling in our window, "Darin, Haylee!  Wake up!  The field is on fire!"  I looked out the window and was shocked to find the field behind our house on fire.  It was pretty big, but the fire department got it out really quickly and luckily the fire didn't come ANYWHERE near our house!  (But the smoke did get in and made it pretty stinky for a day).  Sure thankful for good neighbors and a fast acting fire department! 

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