Friday, June 10, 2016

My Graduated Kids!

You may or may not know that I had 22 kids before I got married.
They were MY LIFE!!

I loved ALL the kids I taught, but there was something special about the first class I taught.
Maybe it was because I wasn't married and dedicated 18 hours a day to those kids.
But I truly think there was an eternal bond with them.


A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from one of my cute students, Makylee.
She invited me to their HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION!!!

(How in the world has TEN YEARS magically flown by?)

It was the BEST DAY!!  I LOVED getting to see those sweet kids all grown up!
So many of them had such HARD lives.  I am in awe of them.
Several of them graduated with accolades. 

One of my super shy, quite students, Cristina, was Senior Class President and gave a WONDERFUL speech!  She was amazing!

I have been in contact with all of the graduates and I cannot express how proud of them I am. They have ALL been so kind and polite!  ALL of them are planning on college.  Most will start in the fall, one will take a year off to save money first, and two have already started.

Let me just say, I have been a big teary mess for a week!!

Congrats Class of 2016!!!!


And this little bonus made my day!
I gave each of my students one of these cards 10 years ago.  At graduation, Kylee gave me hers!
It made my day!! (And I gave her a "little" more than $1.00).


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Ioana said...

WOW!!!! What an experience!!! You are such an AMAZING lady, Haylee!!! There is no question to how much you have influenced those kids! What an example you are!