Friday, June 17, 2016

Coats for Kids Car Show

We had a great time at the Coats for Kids Car Show tonight!
It was so fun to see SOOO many friends!
I felt like we couldn't walk three steps without running into another friend!
It was like every possible reunion combined into one!  

One of the MANY reasons I LOVE Bountiful so much, is that so many people that grow up here also love Bountiful and no one ever wants to leave!  It was so fun to see so many old friends and their growing families!

One of the first cars we saw was one of our neighbors, the Clarks.
They were super kind and even let the kids get in it.
(Thanks Kristina and Lee).
The only bad thing was Andrew thought that was the norm wanted to get in EVERY car after that!

This was the 1st year we stayed for the "Burn Out."  
It was REALLY fun!  I am so glad that we stayed!

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