Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lantern Fest

This past weekend we went to the Lantern Fest.
We had a great time!  We loved the "pre-entertainment."
The kids loved the bounce houses, hoola hoops, princesses, kites, and more.
We lucked out to be with my uncle, aunt and cousins while we were there!
Love them!

It was a windy, cold night, but the wind calmed down enough right at launch time.
I hope we can go back and do this again in a few years. (And maybe sign up for the summer session).

This bag of popcorn Darin bought was nearly the same size as Andrew!

Matt loved the hoola hoops and actually did a great job!!

Our host was Adam Johnson, (aka Mark from the movie Charlie).
He and Lindsay quickly became great friends! :)

Matt was SUCH a GREAT brother helping Andrew through the bounce house!

Uncle Richard is the KING of BEST facial expressions!! 

Chanice has been giving me "modern calligraphy" lessons.
This was my sad attempt to be like her.
(I keep joking that I'm going to open up a lettering shop for blind people).

Wonderful, magical night!!


Ioana said...

How cool!!! Where was this? I've never heard of it, but it looks like something we would love to do with our family. You seriously do the cutest, most fun activities ever!

Haylee said...

Ioana! Thanks! This was in Tooele. There will be another one in the summer. :)