Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tsukiji Fish Market

The fish market was amazing!  It really was so surreal being there.  I had seen so many pictures and movies about it, but it was crazy actually being there.  We woke up really early before the sun to go check it out.  The traffic was crazy.  Carts, trucks, and scooters going in every direction and all driving fast.  (I don’t know how they didn’t have any accidents).  Darin and I had a happy accident and accidentally wondered into a part of the fish market that was supposed to be for buyers only and not tourists.  Everyone was really kind to us and didn’t say anything, but we noticed the signs as we were on our way out!

After wandering the markets we had THE BEST SASHIMI EVER for breakfast!  Really!  I don’t think it comes any fresher than that!  As we left, we noticed the lines for these restaurants were hours long!  (And each restaurant only seats maybe 6 to 8 people right at the counter).  Definitely a highlight of the trip!

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