Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tokyo—Shibuya Crossing, Vending Machines, and the Pod

Tokyo was amazing! I LOVED Shibuya crossing!  I’ve seen so many movies of the crossing, but it was so fun to actually BE THERE!  There are so many fun shops and yummy restaurants.  We found a fun game place and Darin got going on the Taiko drums and got a pretty big crowd watching him.  He was WAY WAY better than I was. 

We found a fun restaurant that had a vending machine outside.  You pick your order, pay at the vending machine, then the machine gives you a ticket to take inside.  You give your ticket to the waitress and then you get to watch the food being made right in front of you!

Also, nearly every restaurant in Japan has fake food outside to give you an idea of what there menu is, and how the food is served.  I think it is such a great idea!

That night we went to Ginza and walked and walked in search of our “Pod Hotel.”  We used google maps and three times it said we were there.  We finally decided to take a taxi but the driver told us that we were only 1 block away.  We tried again.  No luck.  We asked a guy at a convenience store, and he gave us the same directions again.  We looked one last time, and found the door hidden among a wall of vending machines.

I felt sick.  It was a pretty sketchy place. Honestly, I thought I might die there.  Darin was on the 3rd floor and I was on the 5th floor. It is just a big room with rows of pods.  My floor only had pods two high.  The only thing separating you from a murderer is a thin sheet you can pull closed for “privacy.”  
They had a CRAZY bathroom schedule too.  The girls get to use the bathroom 1 hour for about every 3 that the boys get.  (Only 1 bathroom and it is in the basement!  I stopped eating and drinking around 2pm so I wouldn't have to use the bathroom at all).

Someone knocked on my pod a few times and I ignored it because I don’t speak Japanese, and I thought they might kill me.  We made it through the night, and I’m glad I said I did it, but I would NEVER do it again!  Definitely an adventure!

(I really thought this could be the last living picture of myself! Ha!)

Japan has the NICEST toilets EVERYWHERE.  With the one exception of our Capsule Hotel.  YUCK!

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