Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Takeshita-dori Street!

A long time ago I saw a movie about Takeshita Street and the amazing crepes that are there.
I am a life long lover of crepes, so naturally this appealed to me.

Darin, however, calls crepes, "Girl Food" and I knew this would not be a bucket list item for him.  I also didn't know where in Tokyo it was, nor did I want to drag Darin on a side trip to go to this street for a crepe with me.

Well, as we were on our way to Meiji Shrine, right as we walked off the train, we basically ran RIGHT into Takeshita Street!  It was fate!  My good husband took us down, and even bought me a crepe!  As we were standing in line, a cute little Japanese girl came and gave me a gift certificate to the crepe shop!  So sweet!

Also, remember how I mentioned that several restaurants have pretend food on display to give you an idea of what they serve?  Well this crepe shop had over a hundred displayed crepes!

It was delicious and did not disappoint!

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