Monday, April 25, 2016

Nabano No Sato Part 1

YEARS ago I discovered “Winter Illuminations” and put it on my “dream bucket list” (A list of things I would LOVE to do, but can’t even put them on my real bucket list because it seems so far-fetched).  When Darin’s parents got their call to Japan and we started making plans to go visit, I thought it would be AMAZING to go see this tunnel of lights, but I wasn’t really sure if it was feasible or even relatively close to where we would be visiting.

Well, as we made our plans, we discovered that it was only about 40 minutes away!!  But, the bummer was they only did the tunnel December to February, and our plans were for March/April. 
It may not seem like a tender mercy to anyone but me, but for the FIRST year, they extended the dates another two months!!!  We got it all worked out and we got to go!!

We got there really early, and I had NO IDEA how awesome it really was!  They had AMAZING gardens and tulips EVERYWHERE!  It really was so beautiful! 

They had a little ride that took us pretty high for some nice views from above. 

My only sadness from this is that NONE of these pictures do ANY justice to how amazing it really was!


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