Friday, April 22, 2016

Golden Temple and Kyoto Inn

Darin and I ventured out to the Golden Temple!
It was BEAUTIFUL!  But oh so crowded!
Luckily there is a lot of water distancing the crowds from the temple which made for nice pictures!

At the top of the mountain there was this cute little tea house with girls all dressed up.

After our slightly traumatic stay in the capsule hotel, I was a little worried about our Kyoto stay.
It was SO NICE!
We had a hard time finding it since it is just in a small neighborhood quite a ways from the city.
We walked FOREVER trying to find it, then finally we walked back into the city to get a taxi to take us there.  When we pulled up a cute little Japanese boy came running out of the house and then told (I'm assuming it was his dad), "Americans are here!  Americans are here!!"  They were SOO kind to us!  The owner asked us where we wanted to visit in the morning, and we told them and he gave us a stack of maps with all the ways we could get there!

When we booked our stay, I was under the impression we would just be in a big room with lots of beds and random people we wouldn't know.  But, we were placed in a two bedroom room that had a DOOR!  And it LOCKED!  It was very clean and we even had our own private balcony! (It was super tiny, but a balcony just the same!)

When we arrived, they had us take off our shoes and gave us "house slippers."  Then, if you used the bathroom us used the "bathroom slippers."

Several toilets in Japan have a sink on the toilet basin!  I think it is the GREATEST idea!  Then no water is wasted--it all just goes right into the toilet!

In the morning we got an early start and found some really beautiful places on our morning walk.

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