Sunday, April 17, 2016

Favorite Food in Nagoya

We ate SOO much food in Japan!
I should have taken more pictures, but here are a few of our favorite things we ate in Nagoya!

First, the Sushi Conveyor Belt!
Delicious and so much fun!  They just put all the sushi on a conveyor belt and you just pick what you want.  If there is something specific you want, you can order it on a little computer that is at your table.  Then, they put your special dish on a different plate and music starts to play at your table so that you know it is your specific order!  We had some GREAT sushi and wasabi ice-cream for dessert!  It was so good!

When you are all done eating, a worker comes out and measures your stack of plates with a stick to know how much you need to pay.  (It was 100 yen a plate!!)  Thanks for taking us mom and dad!!

Surprisingly, we had some really good food at the mall!  These little fish pastries were so good!  I wish I had one right now!  They were filled with different things like chocolate, custard, red beans, eggs and bacon, and more!

We also had Tako balls (Octopus balls).  

They were actually pretty good once you got past the octopus!

One night, Darin was talking about some food he loved while he was on his mission. We decided to just drive around and see if we could find a restaurant that served it.  Just as we were about to give up, we FOUND it!  And they had cool tables were you had to take off your shoes and sit of the floor.

Thanks for all the food mom and dad!

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