Saturday, April 23, 2016


Darin and I headed straight to Arashiyama as soon as we got in Kyoto.  I had read that the bamboo grove can be pretty tricky to find.  We roamed and roamed, but couldn’t find it.  Then, we found a man that pulled a rickshaw that said he would give us a ride there (for a price I still cannot believe we paid—but also so worth it).  I felt like we were celebrities.  Everyone kept taking our picture as we rode past.  The streets were super crazy busy, but he just yelled in Japanese and everyone moved out of our way. 

We left the busy streets and headed down a little ally way that was far less crowded. At the end of the ally, it led RIGHT to the bamboo grove!  Obviously no one else could find it either because there was NO ONE in there! It was crazy, and so beautiful!!

We rode the Shinkansen from Nagoya down to Kyoto and the views were beautiful!  It looked so mystical and beautiful!!

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