Monday, February 8, 2016

January Service

We were really excited to start our February Service, when we realized we did NO service in January.  So, we did a quick service day to get all 4 projects done in one day!

For our "January" service we:

#1- Hid a dollar in the dollar toy section with a note for someone to chose a free toy
#2 We asked our cashier what his favorite treat was, then bought it for him
#3 We taped some popcorn to the redbox with a note that said to enjoy some free popcorn
#4 We taped a note and $2 in quarters to the car wash



Andrew and Gina said...

What awesome simple ideas. Love this

Jen, Jenny, Jennifer said...

Cute ideas! I like that they're so EASY! It will make a person's day THAT much better if they run into any of these little surprises. That kid's face when they find the dollar is going to be priceless!!