Thursday, January 28, 2016

Matt's DINO Party!

Matt had a fun Dino Birthday Party yesterday.  
He invited two friends from school and two from church.  
I picked Matt and his friends up from school in our decorated car.  

We started with some after school snacks (Matt's favorite bacon wrapped smokies, dino nuggets, and veggies). 
We played a few games (Where's your bone Dino, Feed the T-Rex, and Reverse Hot Lava).
I made each of the kids their own dino tail (they had to try to knock over cups using only their tails).  
Then, they ran around in the snow making "dino prints."  
We extracted dinosaurs from ice (I thought this was going to be a dumb activity, but they LOVED it).
We looked for dino bones in the sand (I made the bones with homemade playdough a week before).
They pieced the dino bones together to make a full dinosaur! 
We came inside and made a volcano then watched our volcano cake erupt (I put dry ice inside and it looked really cool!)  
Last, we watched the classic "Land Before Time" while we waited for parents to come.

Those kids laughed and laughed THE WHOLE TIME!  I honestly don't know what they were laughing about, but I kept getting the giggles listening to them.

And a big shout out to mom for watching my sick kids during the party!  Thanks mama!

Happy 7th Birthday Matt!!


Angela said...

What a fun party. Your one amazing mother. hugs!

Andrew and Gina said...

Seriously amazing. You are incredible!

Courtney N said...

That CAKE! Holy amazing!