Monday, January 11, 2016

Lindsay's Tinkerbell "Playdate"

This year Lindsay wanted a Tinkerbell birthday.
She REALLY wanted her cousin, Eliza, to come, but Eliza was going to be gone on Lindsay's real birthday, so we did her "playdate" with Eliza a week early.

Originally, I was planning on doing this after Eliza got home, but when I realized that would put Lindsay's party back to back with Matt's, last minute we switched the day and planned a whole party in 4 days.  I felt really happy with how it turned out for how quickly we planned it (especially because I usually plan for a YEAR).

Here is the cake I made.  It was my first time doing fondant.  It's far from perfect, but I'm really happy with how it turned out!  I just wish I would have taken a picture RIGHT after I made it.  You can see the cake is starting to sag.

We had spinach wraps and PPJ sandwiches on pink bread I made and cut out like butterflies.

Here are our fruit fairy wands and "nectar."

I stole this idea from my sister...toadstools made from radishes.  I thought they turned out cute!

And cupcakes!

After lunch we played Tink BINGO.

And did a little Tink art project.

While the kids were watching Tinkerbell, we had a visitor show up.
(Here's Lindsay's face when she sees who it is).

TINKERBELL!!! (AKA one of Lindsay's babysitters, Rachel).

Tinkerbell stayed and played some games.

And gave each of the girls some "pixie dust."
(When Matt got home he told Lindsay it was just glitter.  She got SO mad and said that she PROMISED it was REAL and now she's sure she'll be able to fly now).

We ended with a little cake!

Happy Birthday sweet Lindsay!


Courtney N said...

You are so talented! It looks like the girls had a ton of fun!

Angela said...

What a beautiful little girl. She has grown up so much. What an amazing party. You have a talent for every detail. I love it!