Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lindsay's BIRTHday

Lindsay had a fun birthday.  It started out with a decorated room I did while she was sleeping.
Lindsay: What!?  Why is this here?  Is it my BIRTHDAY!?
Me: Yes!  It is!  Happy Birthday!!
Lindsay:  Why did you put all of this here?
Me: Because I thought you'd like it.
Lindsay: You're RIGHT!  I LOVE it!  This is the most glorious day!  I can't believe I am the real five and not the pretend five anymore!  Ahhh!!!  I love this!  Where did you get this!?  I love it!

We brought her breakfast in bed (she LOVES that) complete with Aunt Sue's Happy Cakes!
Next, Lindsay wanted to go to a little arcade in Bountiful, but it was closed so we drove out to the Nicklecade.  (Darin said if ever you were to contract something, that is the place to do it--really hoping this was a one time event).

After the Nicklecade we went out for sushi.  She LOVED it all!  She even had her first taste of fish eggs.  When she tried it she said, "I'll try it!  Good! Kind of good."  ha ha!  Love her!

After sushi our waitress brought out some ice-cream filled mochi and everyone sang.  Even the sushi chefs put down their things and cheered for Lindsay.  She LOVED it!

Lindsay's face when she found out her sushi had fish eggs on it.  Ha ha!

I love that ALL of our kids enjoy sushi!  Including Andrew!

Love this picture of two of my loves enjoying sushi together!  

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Courtney N said...

I love that your kids love sushi! That is so great!